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Taylor Law Offices PLLC, located in Boise, Idaho is a law firm dedicated to resolving legal issues for business law and business litigation matters. We are pleased to connect with you and invite you to review the services we offer and the practice areas we handle. Our attorneys come from various backgrounds, but share a common goal, to meet the legal needs of our communities by providing the highest quality, most professional legal services at a competitive rate. Free Consultation

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In business it is surely true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Businesses that regularly consult an attorney often find their litigation matters are largely prevented or resolve easily. At our firm we advise clients on having proper insurance coverage. In drafting contracts we seek to avoid contract disputes by committing key terms to writing and including needed disclosures. We also provide for dispute resolution methods including arbitration or mediation as the client desires.

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We are ready to fight when our client needs strong representation. We defend our clients harmed by misrepresentation, fraud, or interference with contract relations. Where our client suffers a breach of contract we insist that the breach be cured or appropriate damages be paid. When our client is the target of frivolous claims, we defend our client’s rights and strive to set the record straight.

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