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We’ve been talking this month (here and here) about some of the initial and critical steps to take when evolving your brilliant idea into an excellent business. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about finding your target audience, because until you narrow down your ideal customer, you’ll just be throwing paint at the wall. What we’re looking for is a bullseye!

Narrowing down the whole wide world to the audience that is most likely to purchase your product or service is an art form, and I think it would be easier to show you than tell you how to do it. So let’s put on our virtual binoculars and look at three examples of an ideal hypothetical customer profile.

Persona 1: Tech-Savvy Terry, the Millennial Innovator

Meet Tech-Savvy Terry, the forward-thinking millennial with a passion for technology. Terry lives and breathes the digital world, always seeking the latest gadgets and trends. As an entrepreneur targeting Terry, you can craft marketing messages that highlight cutting-edge features, emphasize convenience, and demonstrate how your product or service aligns with his digital lifestyle. Engage with Terry on social media, collaborate with influencers he follows, and leverage online platforms to capture his attention. Remember, convenience and customization are key when targeting this tech-savvy persona.

Persona 2: Health-Conscious Helen, the Wellness Warrior

Say hello to Health-Conscious Helen, a health enthusiast committed to leading a balanced lifestyle. Helen prioritizes wellness, from clean eating to regular exercise and self-care. To captivate Helen’s attention, focus on promoting the health benefits of your product or service. Showcase natural ingredients, eco-friendly practices, and any certifications or endorsements that align with Helen’s values. Collaborate with health influencers, participate in wellness events, and emphasize the positive impact your business has on personal well-being. Remember, authenticity and transparency are vital when targeting this health-conscious persona.

Persona 3: Busy Bob, the Time-Strapped Professional

Enter Busy Bob, the multitasking professional with a jam-packed schedule. Bob is always on the go, balancing work, family, and personal commitments. To reach Bob effectively, emphasize convenience, efficiency, and time-saving features. Showcase how your product or service simplifies Bob’s life, allowing him to maximize productivity or spend more quality time with loved ones. Optimize your online presence, offering easy-to-use interfaces and streamlined processes. Leverage email marketing, targeted ads, and time-saving tools to capture Bob’s attention. Remember, simplicity and time-efficiency are key when targeting this busy persona.

It’s not rocket science, but there is real power in uncovering the personas of your target audience to help you refine your marketing strategy. By taking the time to create these detailed personas, you can gain valuable insights into the needs, preferences, and behaviors of your ideal customers. Use them as a compass to craft tailored marketing messages, select appropriate channels, and build genuine connections with your target audience. 

The more you understand and empathize with your customers, the more effectively you can address their pain points and provide meaningful solutions. It’s kind of like how I’m always trying to understand and empathize with your pain points so I can provide meaningful solutions to you!

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