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Matthew Taylor’s drive to contribute positively to the world can be traced back to his younger years, when he garnered a gold Congressional medal for his volunteerism efforts. This commitment to service influenced his career path as he pursued a business degree with an emphasis on business management. Inspired by his father’s profession, Matthew sought out a law school in New York known for its focus on business regulations.

After his graduation in 2011, Matthew made his way back to his roots in Boise, Idaho, where he set up Taylor Law Offices. The firm’s rapid growth are proof of its impact over the past eight years. Taylor Law Offices’ commitment to excellence and its honest and upfront practices have appealed to clients looking for personalized service.

Matthew sees his clients as individuals rather than billable hours, an approach that has fostered lasting and satisfying relationships. His commitment extends beyond his client base to the legal profession itself. He is currently creating courses and a curriculum aimed at helping new law graduates navigate their way through the early stages of their careers in business law.

At Taylor Law Offices, community involvement is as much a priority as delivering top-quality legal services. The firm regularly gives back to the Boise community, supporting local fundraisers and various charities. This combination of client-focused legal expertise, mentorship, and community support encapsulates Matthew Taylor’s unique approach to business law.


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