The Person Behind the Lawyer

When I was a young boy, my father would come home from work just after my family had dinner. His previously shiny shoes from the morning were now scuffed and covered with a thin layer of dust. He had fought a good fight, not just behind a desk or at a board meeting, but he patrolled the outside of his office; picking up trash, pulling the rare but persistent weed, and making sure that his tenants went to work the next day to the best offices possible. He did this because he stood for something.

Common Considerations and Misunderstandings in Starting a Non-Profit: Does your non-profit already exist?

The prospect of starting your own not-profit can be both exciting and overwhelming. When I am approached by someone seeking to start a non-profit, I have noticed a consistent theme in the questions asked and common misconceptions regarding the process in becoming a non-profit. To address these threshold questions, I am writing a series of blogs with practical considerations and thoughts to assist those seeking to start a non-profit.