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Four Reasons You Should Start Writing A Book Today

Yes, there are 17.5 zillion new books being published every day. Approximately. Does that mean there’s no room in the world for what you have to say? Absolutely not! We’re lucky enough to live in a time when there’s an endless appetite for new content, the content people are looking for is vast and varied, and you no longer need to have a PhD nor be a celebrity to see your words in print. If that’s not enough to convince you, I’ve got four more reasons why you should start writing today.

         1.  A book establishes you as an expert

Be it a unique take on Real Estate investing, a crazy-efficient macro you’ve developed, or anything in between—if you’re an expert at something, nothing proves credibility in your subject matter faster than authoring your own book. It doesn’t have to make the New York Times bestseller list or be 62 chapters long, the simple fact of having a book to point to establishes your authority. 

Whether you are a CEO, business owner, attorney, physician, consultant, coach, or public speaker, a book is invaluable for substantiating your credentials. 

         2.   A book creates focus for your business

When you write a book, you let your team members, clients, and everyone else know exactly what your business is about. A book gives structure to your business ideas, systems, and the general way you do things, as well as giving you the best opportunity to explain the well-thought-out why behind your methods. Books also allow you to have content already in place for blogs, speeches you need to give, and information at the ready when you are writing your next big proposal.

         3.  A book provides endless business growth and opportunities.

Books can be lead generators and marketing channels. They can be swanky stand-ins for business cards to increase the number of customers who know your name and the services you have to offer. They can help you grow your customer base, the reach of your email list, or the number of attendees at your seminars. Books open the doors to new opportunities. 

         4.  Writing a book will stretch and fuel your brain.

The simple act of writing as an exercise is incredibly stimulating. It’s been proven to help your memory, increase your capacity for communication, and explode your creativity. It’s a great way to marshal your thoughts and explore new ideas. And in the end, whether you publish or not, the work you put into getting your thoughts on paper is beneficial to your mental and emotional health.

Whether you’re establishing yourself as an expert in your field, trying to get all your teammates on the same page, or attempting to grow your business, writing is an incredibly powerful tool. So get out your pen, keyboard, or whiteboard, and get to it!

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