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The Person Behind the Lawyer

When I was a young boy, my father would come home from work just after my family had dinner. His previously shiny shoes from the morning were now scuffed and covered with a thin layer of dust. He had fought a good fight, not just behind a desk or at a board meeting, but he patrolled the outside of his office; picking up trash, pulling the rare but persistent weed, and making sure that his tenants went to work the next day to the best offices possible. He did this because he stood for something.

Now, Taylor Law Offices walks in the same very shoes that most Idahoan have worn. The recession left many small and medium sized businesses reeling, without hope, and without the ability to hire effective and financially prudent legal advice. Taylor Law Offices reacted to global changes and met their clients at the bottom. We built a reputation based on ethical legal practices, a helpful ear, and a strong smile. We helped business owners rebuild Idaho.

Now, as I sit in my office typing, I take great pride in the businesses growing around me. I am humbled to live in Boise and thankful to all of those who have given me a small moment of their time. The bricks and mortar of Boise have been shaped by our contracts, its citizens protected by our lawsuits, and its businesses spurred onward with our advice.

Thank you, Idaho, for giving me the opportunity to earn my scuffed shoes!

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