Supervising Attorney

Matthew Taylor - Supervising Attorney

Matthew Taylor understands that hard work, great advice, and a convenient location only gets a law firm to the starting line in today's legal market. It is his dedication to service and our clients' experience which continually makes him, and our clients, a winner. One client's experience was described online as follows, "My experience with Taylor Law Office can best be summed up using the following adjectives in no order of priority: 1.) prompt, 2.) communicative, 3.) courteous, 4.) organized, 5.) knowledgeable in the area of business law, 6.) transparent with respect to billing detail, and 7.) professional in conduct. Taylor Law Offices ranks in my opinion high given a lifetime of experience dealing with law firms. Taylor Law Offices earn my confident recommendation."

Additionally, Matthew saves his clients, and potential clients, money every single day. He never charges to discuss potential work. He never charges to determine if you need a lawyer or not. He takes the time to develop a plan. Matthew firmly believes that if you plan, plan, and plan then you win!

Although Matthew has experience in several different areas of the law he thrives in breaking down complex litigation matters and business transactions into easy to understand and successful outcomes. For example, Matthew's performance at the Idaho Supreme Court during Prehn v. Hodge led to the court affirming the lower district court's findings on every single issue.

However, it is not just the high level work which drives Matthew, it is his commitment to his community. As one client wrote on Google, "Taylor Law Offices is a FANTASTIC team, I highly recommend working with them! They are truly a community-minded firm, living up to their name. Taylor Law was Title Sponsor for the 2nd Annual Helping High fundraiser on 11/11/16, they stepped up to the plate to help with the event from securing donations, sponsors, vendors, and assisting with the smallest details. Matt Taylor, Lauren, Danielle - the valuable time you spent was invaluable! Coupled with the collective efforts of the entire auction team, the evening was top-notch!" In today's environment it is essential that business owners share more than just work together. They must share a vision for the future. If your business is committed to the community and is seeking a community partner, please contact Matthew.