Senior Associate

Eric Taylor - Senior Associate

As the lead attorney of the Department of Business Transactions at Taylor Law Offices, Senior Associate Eric Taylor provides full service counsel to both public and private entities, offering legal services ranging from entrepreneurial business startups to organizing and establishing corporate business operations. Eric understands the diverse culture of challenges and opportunities our clients may undergo during the course of business, ranging from entity formations, acquisitions, and mergers; to preserving of intellectual property; and facilitating corporate governance.

For new businesses, Eric provides legal services with not only business startups decisions, but capitalizes on his ability to provide business owners with structure by drafting personalized membership operating agreements, employment contracts, non-compete agreements and business buy-sell agreements. Eric's experience has also made him the go-to resource for commercial lease drafting, revisions and negotiations. In addition to his expertise in this area of business, non-profit formation has also become an essential component of his career. As a board member and director of two non-profits himself, assisting with non-profit formation provides him with a personal sense of fulfillment.

Utilizing his background in civil litigation, Eric has developed a unique ability to anticipate potential issues in advance of litigation for his business clients. In doing so, he is able to help his clients resolve their matter amicably and without the need for what can lead to costly and time consuming litigation. Assisted by Senior Attorney Matthew Taylor, Eric recently played a critical role in arguing a derivative claim before the Idaho Supreme Court on behalf of minority members of a limited liability company. After countless hours of hard work and dedication, many of which were exhausted over the holiday season, their argument was met with not only their desired outcome of an affirmation for all attorney's fees and costs.

Eric's dedication to his clients and eagerness to help his community are truly second to none. It is clear that the best is yet to come for this young attorney, and the Taylor Law Offices family is privileged to have the opportunity to be a part of his achievements.