Employment & Labor

Are you ready to manage a workforce?

Fueled by the best intentions and seemingly endless energy, as a successful business endeavor grows and evolves, it will likely require the employment and efforts of an expanding workforce. It is the clear understanding of every good owner and manager that maintaining healthy employer-employee relationships is of the utmost importance. Not only are matters of employee morale and governmental compliance on the line, so is the ultimate success of your endeavor.

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How to limit your liability

We can help expanding businesses limit their liability in these two basic ways:

1. Construct corporate procedures and policies relating to employment
2. Construct personnel systems and practices fair and legal to all concerned

With the help of a legal team well-versed in matters of business law, you can receive the help you need with such important issues as:

  • Development of handbooks, policy manuals and drug testing plans
    Construction of contracts for employees and independent contractors
    Assistance with terminations, releases and severance plans
    Keeping your enterprise in compliance with local, state and federal regulations and laws
    Protecting trade secrets and confidential business information
    Compliance with wage & hour and family leave laws

We also provide vigorous defense against harmful claims and lawsuits when they do occur. Because we realize that no matter how many Ts are crossed and Is dotted, litigation still may happen. We’ll be prepared, so you can focus on business, not business law.