Employment & Consulting Agreements

Consultant V. Employee

It’s important to know that people who work for you may fall into different legal categories. A consultant, for example, is someone who gives expert or professional advice on a matter to the benefit of the company. An employee is someone who is hired by a company or person for a fixed amount of payment in exchange for his or her service at the company.

Consulting contracts generally lay out the professional services that the consultant will provide for an agreed upon fee. This is not done as an independent business, such as when the individual is an independent contractor.

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When work agreements go wrong

Unfortunately, business agreements are not always followed. Failure to provide the service laid out in the contract or agreement can result in a breach of contract. When this occurs, it is in the best interest of the company, corporation, or business to speak with us. No matter what your exact situation, we have the knowledge and experience to help.

Having a skilled business litigation attorney from Taylor Law Offices review your case immediately will greatly improve your chances of obtaining the outcome you desire.