Penny V. Wilcox

Certified Paralegal
Home Town :

Boise, Idaho

Background :

A Boise State University graduate, Penny chose her career in the legal field and began working for the Ada County Fourth District Court as a Courtroom clerk.

Later, Penny graduated from UC Santa Barbara where she obtained her paralegal degree and returned back to Boise where she has been working as an ABA certified paralegal since. Penny has served on the Board of Directors for the Idaho Paralegal Association and the Idaho Private Investigators Association.

What is your favorite thing about Boise? :

“I was born in Boise. Growing up here and watching it evolve into the “City” that it is today has been a sad but wonderful experience. I look around and still see buildings from my childhood. I look around and see new places I’ve never been and places where my grown children frequent and now take their children. The home where I grew up was surrounded by farmland on Five-Mile Road. What was once a dirt road that we used to love to ride dirt bikes on is now a four-lane thoroughfare. Boise is hometown to me old and new. It’s great to have a bit of both.”