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I’m Matthew, a friendly attorney who cares about his clients and his community. Some people would say that I have a perfect blend of small town Idaho raised kindness and understanding and a New York tough line education. I operate my law firm with the idea that people, and businesses, all need help sometimes. I pride myself in being a problem solver so I try and make your experience with me as painless and cost effective as possible.

#1 Rated Attorney in Boise

"Communication is perfect. I have had the privilege to work with only a couple of good lawyers of the times I've needed one. Mr. Taylor does a fantastic job of adjusting his communication to something that I can understand. It's easy for me to follow along with what needs to be done. My feedback is always heard, and I trust that Matthew will find the best route for my issues. His knowledge is substantial and his drive is unquestionable. Let's hope he doesn't go anywhere any time soon. I need him here."

− Caleb F.

"Matt is a high energy professional who really took care of us. He has gone above and beyond and his assistant Ashley is absolutely wonderful to work with as well. The team genuinely cares, and most important of all, it's solid legal counsel. I'm so glad I was referred to him!"

− Annie W.

"There are still competent, fair, and honest attorneys out there! I've retained Matthew on two separate occasions for different issues, and each time he handled them with care and expertise. Especially for business related legal concerns, Matthew is the best of Boise."

− Josh B.

"I met with Mr. Matt Taylor today. He spent an hour studying my case. He commanded an excellent knowledge of Business Law practices and legal regulations, He evaluated the various scenarios of my case, as well as options available to me. He seemed genuinely interested in effecting the best possible outcome for me, given certain risk factors. He explained everything carefully and I felt he was prepared to spend any necessary amount of time to make sure he addressed all of my concerns and questions. HIGHLY recommend him!!"

− Susan D.

"Mr. Taylor has gone above and beyond for me and those whom I have personally referred. He is very professional and knowledgeable with a unique set of skills to achieve your goals. I was very comfortable having Mr. Taylor and his staff handle the sensitivity of my case and trusted they would see it to the end. I would highly recommend Matt Taylor and Taylor Law Offices for all of your lawyer needs."

− Shane B.

"I spoke with Mr. Taylor for a free consultation. He was very helpful and friendly. Due to residency restrictions I couldn't hire Mr. Taylor for my business. But he still spent time on the phone advising me knowing full well that I had to use another lawyer. Wish he could work in other states than Idaho."

− Adam S.

"I Couldn't of asked for a better experience. Very fair price and everything handled professionally and in a timely manner. Will most definitely be my number one choice for legal council in the future if needed, I highly recommend Matthew Taylor for yourself as well."

− Darryl G.

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When choosing a law firm, don't settle for second best. We are ready to fight when our client needs strong representation.

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We know the kinds of costs facing you in a legal battle, that's why we will only charge you if we are able to recover for you.

Professional Legal Advice

Through careful analysis and planning at the outset we advise our clients regarding potential benefits and risks associated with litigation.

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